Base Gel Komilfo

Gel base from Komilfo: features and product range

Basic gel polish used in manicures is crucial for achieving a long-lasting and resilient nail finish. Therefore, it's essential to approach your choice with utmost care, relying on products from reputable and trusted manufacturers. The base gel polish from the Komilfo brand is a dependable choice. These products come in vibrant colors and safe, consistent forms, ensuring both reliability and style.

Assortment of gel bases from Komilfo

The range of basic gel coatings from the Komilfo company is represented by several lines, which can be selected depending on the conditions for performing a manicure and the desired color schemes. You are guaranteed to receive a high-quality manicure by choosing the following products from the manufacturer:

  1. Rubber — a transparent base based on rubber, due to which it provides high elasticity and reliable adhesion to the nail plate;

  2. X-Base Coat — characterized by a more liquid consistency, unlike products from the previous series, but gives the same lasting result;

  3. Gel bases — several universal options for performing manicure using drip or classical technology, nail extensions;

  4. Acid Free — a special formula that does not contain acids, which makes it an excellent solution for painting weak and damaged nail plates and performing pedicures;

  5. Fiber Base - a series with a fibrous structure, which allows you to create an interesting pattern on the surface of the nails.

Apart from clear base coats, the Komilfo brand offers a variety of colored camouflage coatings. This includes rubber gel polishes in shades of white, milky white, and purple, as well as body coatings for a trendy French-style manicure. They also provide correctors for nail plate straightening and strengthening. For a more striking manicure, you can opt for Moon Crush compositions, infused with glitter to add a shimmering effect.

Product characteristics from Komilfo

You may notice that basic gel polishes from Komilfo come in hundreds of different coatings with different characteristics. Therefore, to simplify your choice, we advise you to pay attention to the following product parameters:

  • Color Range: Nail polishes are generally available in two main categories: transparent (colorless) and vibrant colors.

  • Textures: Nail polishes come in different textures, including matte, glossy, glitter (with sparkles), and three-dimensional options for intricate designs.

  • Bottle Sizes: Standard manicure products are packaged in branded dark jars with volumes ranging from 5 to 50 ml, catering to different needs and preferences.

  • Packaging Options: You can opt for nail polish in bottles with an applicator brush for easy application or in jars without one, offering more control over the application process.

  • Composition: Some products come in a separate line that excludes acids, catering to individuals with specific sensitivities or preferences.

The features of the chosen Komilfo gel polish define its applications, serving as a base coat for a gel system, a corrective element, or a foundation for nail extensions. While finding a one-size-fits-all product might be challenging, the extensive range of options broadens the scope for crafting your ideal manicure. You can experiment with different choices, surprising others with captivating manicures each time and discovering your favorite solution along the way.


The original Komilfo base gel, when purchased directly from the manufacturer, offers several advantages:

  • Durability: The gel ensures a lasting result for 21 days, preventing chips, abrasions, or peeling on the nail plate after application.

  • Density: Its thick, dense consistency allows for volume enhancement and layer extensions of up to one millimeter, creating a fuller look for the nails.

  • Alignment: The corrective formula not only enables vibrant manicures but also helps in shaping nails perfectly, ensuring an even and attractive appearance.

  • Strengthening: As an alternative to biogel, the gel base strengthens the nail plate effectively.

  • Safety: The product is free from harmful toxic components, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

  • Variety: Basic varnishes are available in both colorless and vibrant options. This variety allows every fashion enthusiast to find a manicure style that suits their taste and preferences.

The rubber base gels from Komilfo come with built-in ultraviolet filters, shielding the nail plates from harmful sun exposure. The manufacturer ensures that their varnishes not only look appealing but also promote gentle nail care. With these products, you receive both a cosmetic item and a nail care solution in one. Moreover, these benefits come at an affordable price since they are priced in the mid-range market segment.

Features of use

Transparent and colored gel polishes of the Komilfo brand are suitable for use in a variety of conditions. These products can be utilized by beauty salons for professional manicures as well as for creating your own manicure at home.

For a long-lasting and appealing manicure, whether done at home or in a salon, it's essential to follow these steps:

  • Remove the old nail covering.

  • Remove cuticles, clean, and degrease the nail plate using specific disinfectants.

  • Apply a Komilfo base coat to create a smooth surface and dry it under an ultraviolet lamp.

  • Apply the desired number of layers of colored varnish, curing each layer (two minutes under an ultraviolet lamp or around half a minute with an LED lamp).

  • Apply the top gel base layer at the final stage and cure it to achieve the desired result.

After applying the layers, it's advisable to use cuticle oil to provide meticulous care and maintain its healthy condition. If you're uncertain about performing the procedure correctly at home or lack the necessary equipment, seeking help from professionals is recommended. In a reputable nail salon, skilled specialists equipped with Komilfo products and extensive experience can provide you with the high-quality manicure you desire. It's not wise to cut costs on the procedure, as mistakes might lead to redoing everything, resulting in additional expenses.

Excellent manicure with Komilfo products

The Komilfo cosmetics brand manufactures highly popular professional gel polishes. Due to their popularity, many companies attempt to produce counterfeit products and sell them at a lower pr


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