Kodi Professional

Gel varnishes from Kodi Professional: assortment and main advantages of the brand

Gel-lacquers from the famous cosmetic brand Kodi Professional is a series of modern products for nail design (manicure) from one of the market leaders. Products from this category are characterized by a pleasant texture, evenly distributed on the nail plate. It provides not only bright colors, but also effective protection of nails from chipping, splitting and other damage.

Gel varnish range

Kodi Professional brand offers dozens of varieties of gel varnishes and related products for nail decoration. The following product categories can be distinguished:

  1. Base gel-lacquers - a line that includes products for creating a durable and bright manicure in popular styles, it includes both colorless lacquers and interesting shades.

  2. Top gel-lacquers for application to the nail plate as a top finishing layer, serve to smooth and protect the nails from damage, as well as to give durability to previously applied layers of varnish.

  3. Gel Polish series, which includes lacquers to create a manicure with a glitter effect - the line is represented by thirty collections with a variety of shades, so you can experiment with nail design.

  4. Build It Up line includes products designed for nail plate modeling - with the help of various lacquers and creams you can build up, strengthen nails, increase the durability of the applied coating.

  5. Acrylic powders designed to strengthen and build up weakened nail plates, application of the product allows you to protect your nails from damage.

  6. Nail paint gels and spiderweb nails that are suitable for creating unusual manicures in a variety of styles.

  7. Additional nail care products - the series includes specialty products that will enhance the quality of your manicure, including primers, degreasers, cuticle oil, cuticle removal products, strengthening serum and more.

In the line of gel-lacquers from the brand Kodi Professional there are products in a variety of colors, textures, consistencies. They can be used to apply manicure in one or several layers. Fashionistas of Florida, California, Texas and other states of America can choose between classic matte and glossy compositions or stop attention to interesting solutions in the style of "cat's eye", luminescence, glitter coating, shimmer, heat treatment and more.

In addition to lacquers directly, the company produces tools for professional manicure application. The list of products that you can order in the USA includes files, polishers, buffs, replacement files, bases and other tools for creating high-quality nail design. The versatility of products allows you to use them both for manicure in cosmetic salons, and for its creation at home, if you have the appropriate equipment.

Benefits of Kodi Professional products

All products from Kodi Professional brand are created thanks to close cooperation of nail design professionals. Each product has a well-thought-out natural composition, has passed all the necessary tests and has the appropriate certification. As a result, each gel-lacquer, cream and other products from the line provide the following benefits:

  • high level of durability - with competent professional application manicure is preserved on the nails up to one month without loss of brightness and peeling;

  • thick consistency helps to evenly distribute the product on the nail plate without wasting time;

  • fast polymerization - fixing gel-lacquers on nails can be performed with the help of modern ultraviolet or LED-lamps from various brands;

  • saturation - regardless of the choice of shade, gel-lacquers guarantee the brightness of colors, which is not lost over time;

  • wide choice - dozens of variants in the assortment allow you to experiment and create new interesting designs every time;

  • safety - there are no toxic elements in the composition of the products that could harm your nails.

In addition, the formula of lacquers includes caring products that help to protect and strengthen nail plates. Thus, Kodi Professional products are not just decorative products, but also full-fledged nail care cosmetics. Each product undergoes multi-level control before going on the market. 

If you want to buy lacquers from the brand Kodi Professional with delivery to Florida, California, Texas and other states of America - just add the desired products to your cart and place an order.

Peculiarities of applying gel varnishes

When buying gel-lacquer in America from the brand Kodi Professional, its effective use is possible only if you follow the rules of application from the manufacturer. It is best to perform manicures in professional beauty salons, whose masters have the appropriate equipment and knowledge. At home, use is possible if you have such experience.

The standard procedure for applying gel varnish, regardless of the conditions of use, includes the following steps:

  1. Removal of the previous manicure coating with the help of special means.

  2. Preparation of the nail plate - application of degreaser, cleaning from dust, dirt and other contaminants.

  3. Application of primer to smooth the surface and better adherence of the polish to the nails.

  4. Application of the base coat and its polymerization in a UV or LED lamp.

  5. Application of several thin layers of the main coating, after each layer is polymerized for the time set by the manufacturer.

  6. The use of a finishing coat to consolidate the result obtained.

  7. Cuticle care with special oil.

Do not apply gel-lacquer on an uncleaned and not leveled nail plate. It necessarily requires preliminary preparation, so that the product is permanently fixed on the nails, do not delaminate and do not lose brightness. Gel-lacquers are not recommended to remove independently, for this task it is better to contact professionals. This will keep the nail plates healthy and strong.

Buying products from Kodi Professional

To become the owner of original products from Kodi Professional, buy them only through the official website of the company. We are official distributors of products from this brand, so we guarantee the authenticity and quality of each item presented in the catalog.

The realization of orders on the territory of the USA is carried out without the involvement of intermediaries, which allows you to become the owner of the original product at an affordable price. If you have any questions, you can always talk to a manager and get detailed advice from him. This will help to make the best choice of products for manicure and nail care.

The final result of creating a quality nail design depends not only on the skill of the specialist, but also on the products used. Therefore, do not try to save money - it is better to buy more expensive products, but get a durable and rich coating that will last for many weeks. 

Cosmetics, equipment and gel-lacquers from Kodi Professional will be your reliable assistants in creating interesting and stable manicure coatings that will leave no one indifferent.


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