Top Gel Komilfo

Top gels from Komilfo: features and product range

Top gel nail polish serves as the final layer of the nail plate, essential for achieving a vivid and full-bodied manicure. Komilfo's products are professional-grade, designed not only to enhance your nails with appealing designs but also to provide meticulous care. The components used are safe and certified, complying with both Ukrainian legislation and international standards, ensuring your nails are cared for responsibly.

Assortment of top gel polishes from Komilfo

Komilfo's extensive selection of top gel products offers a variety of options in the following categories:

  • NO WIPE UV TOP: These products don't have a sticky layer and contain ultraviolet filters for efficient polymerization.

  • NO WIPE NO UV FILTERS TOP: Similar products without UV filters, providing a clean finish.

  • WIPE TOP: Transparent bases that leave a sticky layer after curing.

  • NO WIPE RUBBER TOP: This category includes two rubber varnishes with ultraviolet filters for specialized applications.

The range also includes gel tops of various colors and textures, among which are dark matte, dairy (pink and white shades), glitter and designer compositions. This variety will help you find the best option for your preferences - you can stick to the classics without bright colors or choose interesting compositions with mother-of-pearl, iridescent tones, and ornaments.

Product characteristics from Komilfo

To make it easier for you to understand the wide range of Komilfo gel top varnishes and you were able to quickly find a suitable option, pay attention to the following product characteristics:

  • texture - matte, glossy, pearlescent, with sparkles or ornaments;

  • shades - transparent, colored, glitter varnishes;

  • bottle volume - varnishes are available in containers of 5, 8, 15, 30 and 50 ml;

  • bottle type - jars without a brush, with an application brush or with a spout;

  • composition - compositions with or without ultraviolet filters.

Select the characteristics of the top coat of varnish depending on the final manicure design you want to achieve. With Komilfo gel polishes you can create compositions in classic, French, pop art and other styles, perform a hardware manicure or do nail extensions. The products do not limit your choice, so you can surprise others every time with new unusual designs and not look banal.

Advantages of top gel polishes from Komilfo

Official Komilfo shop offers a wide variety of original products from a trusted brand. Its use provides the following advantages:

  • voluminous and bright designs - the consistency of the varnishes allows them to be evenly distributed and fixed on the nail plate;

  • durability - with proper manicure, any gel polish from Komilfo is guaranteed to last 21 days;

  • ease of use - the thick structure makes it possible to apply nail polish without bleeding or other problems;

  • safety - a well-chosen composition of components does not harm the body, provides nails with gentle care and health;

  • diversity - the products are presented in several dozen options, among which you will definitely find the best one for yourself.

To ensure you enjoy the benefits mentioned above, it's crucial to purchase Komilfo gel polishes exclusively from official distributors on reliable platforms. We have a direct partnership with the manufacturer, eliminating any intermediaries. Avoid the temptation to buy supposed Komilfo products from questionable third-party websites. If the price seems too low, it might indicate poor quality. Attempting to save money might lead to disappointment.

Komilfo's gel top nail polish combines cosmetic and vibrant topcoat features for your manicure. It not only enhances your everyday appearance but also provides proper care for your nail plate and cuticles. If you have brittle or damaged nails, we recommend consulting a specialist before making a purchase to ensure you choose a suitable gel polish.

Features of using gel polishes from Komilfo

If you want to get an attractive and long-lasting manicure, then please follow the rules for applying gel polishes from Komilfo. You can use them to color your nail plates at home. The products are also actively used by beauty salons to perform professional manicures for their clients.

The use of Komilfo gel varnishes requires specialized equipment, as well as experience in performing this procedure. The varnish application technology includes the following steps:

  • preparation of the nail plate, which includes removing the old manicure coating, treating the nail with a degreasing composition, cleaning it from dirt, removing the cuticle - the nail must be completely clean, smooth and ready for subsequent actions;

  • application Komilfo base coat on the natural surface of the nail, polymerization with an ultraviolet lamp (about 120 seconds) or an LED lamp (the duration of the procedure is reduced to one minute);

  • applying the main shades of the manicure in one or several layers - after each layer you need to dry the varnish with a lamp to fix the coating;

  • application of Komilfo topcoat and final drying in a special lamp - if the varnish contains a sticky layer, then it must be removed using a special liquid.

After completing all procedures, it is recommended to use a special cuticle oil to ensure its softness. Perform your manicure carefully, following the step-by-step technology and using the necessary equipment - brushes, nail scissors, tweezers and other things. This approach is the key to achieving high-quality, lasting results.



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